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On this page, you as a candidate will find information about SRI’s background checks as well answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Activation: The employer requests a background check from SRI.

Consent #1: You as a candidate receive a first SMS and an email from us at SRI where we ask for your consent to begin collecting information about you to carry out a background check. You can give your consent quickly and easily with your BankID.

Collection and analysis: Once we have received your consent, our analyst will begin work on your background check. Collected data and information are compiled and analysed.

Consent 2: When your background check is complete, we will send you an SMS and an email with a link to your report. When you have read and given your consent to your report through BankID is will be forwarded to the employer.

Done! The employer gets access to your background check in a highly encrypted and GDPR-secure web portal.

Destruction: A maximum of seven (7) days after your report is delivered to the employer, it is destroyed and all related personal data.

Note! The sooner you are able to give your consent, the sooner the employer can move forward with you in the recruitment process.

Remember that you are never forced to agree to something you do not feel comfortable with. In that case, have a dialogue directly with the employer. Ask questions that make you feel safe. Of course, agree only after you have reviewed and assessed the report as correct and that you feel comfortable with it being delivered.


SRI specializes in helping employers make secure recruitments. As one of Sweden’s most hired providers for background checks, your privacy is our highest priority. Therefore, all personal information is handled in a highly encrypted and GDPR-secure environment.

As one of the few suppliers in Sweden, we offer what is called ‘double consent’ in our processes. This means that you as a candidate have the opportunity to give your consent with the help of BankID both before a background check is started and before the employer has access to the completed background check and your personal information.


Consent means that you agree that SRI, on behalf of the intended employer, may collect information about you from open sources and compile these in a background check report.

At SRI, we use BankID as our verification method so that you can give your consent as securely as possible. The consent process is also an important part of the GDPR.

It is possible to agree with Android phones, but the web browser works a little differently with BankID than on an iPhone.

Do this:

  • Copy the link to the report you received in your SMS or email.
    Paste and open the link in a browser, e.g. Google Chrome.
  • Approve with BankID to open the report and then return to the browser to view the contents of the report before final approval.

With the first consent, you give SRI, on behalf of the intended employer, permission to start collecting information.

The second consent gives you the opportunity to approve the report that has been compiled. Double consent creates a transparent and inclusive process for you as a candidate.

If your BankID does not respond or if you do not have the opportunity to enter your six-digit code, it may be because the employer who sent out the request for the background check to you has entered an incorrect social security number.

If this happens, feel free to contact the employer and double-check that they have understood your social security number correctly.

If your BankID responds, you may need to update your BankID if you have not activated automatic app updates on your mobile device.

It depends on the extent of the background check. Our most basic background checks contain information about finances, legal occurrences, and company involvement.

More in-depth checks can include, for example, verification of education and previous employers, verification of driving license, or your visibility and activity in social media.

What is checked in each check is stated in the information you as a candidate receive when you agree to the background check.

Absolutely. When your report is completed, you will have the opportunity to read and approve the report before it is forwarded to the employer. You will receive a text message with a link to your report and you approve quickly and easily with the help of BankID.

The report is available in the SRI portal for a maximum of 7 working days after it has been completed. After that, the report and all personal data are deleted automatically.

The employer has the opportunity to read the report in the portal but can also choose to download a copy of the report and if they choose to do so, they are responsible for storage and deletion in accordance with GDPR.

It depends on the extent of the background check. From one day up to a week. 

When the employer places their order with us, they must also state who specifically should be able to read the background check report. The employer can enter a maximum of five (5) recipients with reading access.

Usually, 1-2 employees are added as readers, which usually has to do with the fact that they need to be able to access a report even if one of them becomes ill or otherwise unable to access the report.

Of course, this is your right in accordance with GDPR. You have the right to request that SRI correct incorrect or incomplete information about yourself. You then need to be able to refer to a specific source of information where the information you consider to be incorrect can be substantiated and confirmed.

Of course, this is a right according to GDPR. We at SRI always offer you, when we ask you for your second consent, the opportunity to download your report. In this way, you get easy and secure access to the information we have compiled.

We offer the opportunity to download your own report in connection with us requesting your second consent to the report. When and if you do this, you also take over the responsibility for you to store this pdf file in a way that is safe for you. SRI does not take responsibility for how the file is spread or consequences that occur after a download has taken place.

Our recommendation is not to download the file unless you absolutely feel you have a need for it. Data security is difficult and requires knowledge and a lot of work. If you do not have the ability to store the file securely and you feel that it contains sensitive information that you do not want to be spread, then think twice about whether you really should download the file.

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